Top 9 Virtual Data Room Providers in 2022


In the past, purchasing a few file cabinets for your office space was sufficient.

The times have altered, though. Right now, every business in the world gathers and analyzes enormous amounts of important data every single minute.

However, if you continue to believe that those filing cabinets will suffice, consider the following:

  • Do you honestly believe that the cabinet contains your papers in safety and security?
  • Do you efficiently arrange all of your paperwork, or do you spend all of your time going through them?
  • In an emergency, can you easily obtain the documents?

If the response is no, you must move to virtual data room providers, which offer platforms that let several parties securely manage, arrange, store, and exchange important information.

The piece of mind that comes from knowing that no third party may view your personal information until you give them permission to do so is the finest benefit of using a virtual data room.

List of 9 Best VDR Vendors

You can easily and securely generate, organize, share, track, save, and manage all corporate knowledge – in one location – with the help of this user-friendly, cloud-based virtual data room service. Bit differs from several other VDRs in that it enables real-time team collaboration and co-editing of documents.

Infinite workplaces may be created on Bit for your entire business, teams, clients, and more. You may create as many folders and documents as you like inside each workspace, and you can access your content library (a place where you can store all kinds of digital media).

Because of Bit’s very secure user roles and permission levels, people adore using it. The person who creates a workspace and the individuals he adds to it are the only people who can see it.

Citrix Sharefile

Citrix ShareFile has you covered whether you’re engaged in a commercial negotiation, a due diligence procedure, or any other private business activity.

This virtual data room service is a go-to source for sharing and storing data and files for several businesses from the Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 lists.

Citrix has some extremely excellent security features, like e-signatures, watermarks, download tracking, sharing and downloading restrictions, and more.

All systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, are compatible with the platform.


Firmex has aided in advancing the virtual data room industry since 2006.

Firmex is used to distribute millions of papers each year. Firmex simplifies complicated and mission-critical procedures for businesses of all sizes, from financial transactions to mergers and acquisitions.

In just 12 years, Firmex has collaborated with over 100,000 additional businesses in addition to numerous illustrious ones like Good Year, KPMG, and Deloitte.

One of the most popular virtual data room services is, without a doubt, Firmex!

Merrill Data Site

What was formerly a financial communication and print-related company are today a rapidly expanding SaaS technology firm.

The data site has industry-leading protection and can satisfy even the most demanding security standards, which makes it a superb virtual data room supplier.

This platform specializes in serving higher-revenue industries like litigation and mergers and acquisitions.

There are no language barriers when it comes to Datasite’s customer care because the staff members can respond in more than 20 languages!


Since its establishment in 2000, Brainloop has offered organizations of all stripes a user-friendly and efficient platform for storing and sharing content.

Brainloop offers features like automatically created watermarks, Q&A, encryption, and more, just like every other virtual data room supplier.

Its ability to integrate with an organization’s current infrastructure makes Brainloop unique and enables you to create a more affordable cloud web-based document repository.

Because of Brainloops’ high degree of security, end users hardly notice it, which makes work incredibly easy and commonplace.


Investment bankers, attorneys, and managers from all around the world have tried and tested iDeals.

This virtual data room provider’s main purpose is to provide its clients with the safest and coziest option possible to assist them in achieving their business objectives.

The platform includes technologies like data encryption, two-step authentication, and smart filters, among many others, and supports more than 25 different file types.

Even better, it can offer audit trails, which can help your business increase openness and accountability.

BlackBerry Workspaces (Formerly Known as WatchDox)

Unfamiliar with virtual data rooms? You need not worry since BlackBerry Workspaces offers you a wealth of admin manuals, user guides, and training materials to assist you in learning everything about it.

The platform spares you the trouble of document and file migration thanks to its direct connectivity with Office 365. Using the tools you are already familiar with, editing and collaborating on files is simple.

Additionally, BlackBerry Workspaces provides a “collaboration mode” via which you may monitor activity on the files you’ve shared with your group of coworkers and team members.

Seven languages are supported by this virtual data room provider: English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese, and Chinese.


Ansarada is a virtual data room service worth looking at with more than 100 features, including robust security controls, digital rights management, and reports that track interest levels.

Ansarada, like DataSite, was created specifically for mergers & acquisitions. Its user-friendly interface, round-the-clock consultants and analysts, as well as other similar features may greatly speed up the M&A process.

Ansarada optimizes all activities by utilizing the power of AI & machine learning, from transaction preparation to deal completion!


Digify is a fairly new provider of virtual data rooms; it was established in the United States in 2011.

This user-friendly platform caters to all the small-scale business requirements and transactions, and as a result, it is reasonably priced.

Access control, access revocation, print and download permissions, security alerts, and other features are available with Digify.

What’s best? Digify has integration options for Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. You can track your email attachments with the use of its Gmail plugin.